Alissa - Dating Coach

Hey guys (and gals!)…

My name is Alissa, and I’ve been in the dating and social skills consulting and coaching business since 2007.

In late 2009, I took my coaching business and hired on a couple of interns (both male and females) to help take the business to the next level.    We now work out of the Toronto area, but travel across Canada and into the United States providing private coaching seminars.

You’ll find tons of content – we’ll have articles posted on a variety of topics such as sex, romance , first dates etiquette, real-life seduction, online dating night club pickup and much more.

Also keep watching our site as we’ve started on our very first book on how to talk to women – written by women who are looking for real men in a world mostly populated with boys without a clue.

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about Sherrie

This  program is a very good opportunity for men to actually learn how to approach and talk with women.

I have a lot to offer to men, in my teaching skills and leadership skills – I do a bit of “off the cuff coaching” as my other job is that of a bartender – I see big mistakes guys make and try to correct and coach them along.

I love to put my knowledge of men and women together, and help everyone out.  It’s not entirely the guys fault either – sometimes women need a bit of help, and even some encouragement to approach guys.

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about Steph

Some guys and girls lack self confidence, they may be insecure from a past relationship, teasing as kids, etc, there is alot of dynamics to consider on an indivdual basis, and everyone has different reasons. I like to learn as much as possible about my clients so I can work closely with them to help them pinpoint what it is they need the most help in.

Getting past a sticking point is a big confidence booster and is sometimes all that is needed. It opens up a world of opportunity in all aspects of a persons life – after all, it’s about confidence and social skills!

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about Joan

My desire to help guys is so strong…

I’ve been dating more than just a few times myself and believe me… men can and will continue to be so disrespectful and clueless of women… UNLESS they are taught what women really want…

men can be tamed!!!
men can be nice – but not “too” nice (leaving women feeling smothered)…

then there are the shy ones…
they need to open their hearts and their eyes… and learn to communicate.. to get past “approach anxiety” and be able to comfortably talk to women!

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about Sarah

Many men have problems meeting women, and they either don’t have skilled/experienced friends to help them (because they have the same problems), or they don’t have any women to give them advice in their lives.

I think that men take too much information from choreographed and placed media (movies, shows, music videos) and think that it’s the right way to do things, when in reality that is not the way it works. Flowers and gifts – for example – are great romantic gestures – but not ways to wow a girl off her feet when you first meet! You don’t know who I am and if I’m even worth the cost of the flowers and gifts – have a desire to get to know me first!

I am known as the “go to” girl in my circle of friends. I coach many guys on how to talk to girls, and am very successful in setting up people and helping guys deal with the problems they face.

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about Charla

I think that having the opportunity to show guys what girls like is priceless.

Girls complain a lot about how guys “just don’t get it”, and well, here’s our chance to do something about it! From my experiences I’ll tell you the things that make the difference between “being a strong dominant man” and “just some guy”.

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about Marie

Marie at the Beach

When the movie Hitch came out, I was inspired!   It wasn’t degrading. It wasn’t about someone helping guys get ‘laid’, it’s about someone helping guys have a relationship with someone they really like. I like this. And helping shy guys is always fun.

Having the opportunity to work with “Thoughts From Women” is amazing – I use the techniques and methods presented on this web site to coach guys past issues like approach anxiety and what to say when in the night clubs (my favorite) or just out on the street or while at the beach!

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about Valerie

I want to help men become better at dating and approaching women.

Being a woman, I find it’s hard to find a man who doesn’t throw me off in some way, who doesn’t give me a negative vibe that makes me question whether he’s a jerk, liar, or psycho. He either only wants to use me for money or sex – or he wants to manipulate me by scaring me into thinking he’s depressed or needs help for me to take “pity” on him.

I have written various relationship articles for other web sites and newspapers including a regular dating advice column in my university news magazine.

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about Khrystal

I can completely understand how one can forget their ’swag’ or ‘game’ after having being in a relationship or even just have a lack of a social life. I fully believe that it is important to be able to remember and to learn the new ways as to how to approach and interact with women. With changing times there is always new things to think of when in the dating game and having someone help you find your comfortable ground is important to help build the confidence levels.

To be honest… I used to be a “shy” person – I took a stand and vowed to change and be more out going.  I took a job in promotions where I am forced into social interactions and from there I started doing modelling work too!

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about Nanci

I’ve always felt like I was a dating guru and with the  skills tweaked by Alissa, I’ve been helping guys be more confident and get over some of the obstacles standing in the way from finding a mate.

In addition, I’ve coached many women struggling after separation or divorce and made a huge impact in their lives by re-introducing them to dating again.

I work primarily as a bar tender in a busy casino and am always having a fun filled time making flirty small talk with guests, ensuring they are having a great time!

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About Alissa

Alissa - Dating Coach

You can’t learn unless you are  willing to put yourself out on the line and to do that it is best to have some confidence which you get by learning techniques for  approaching women and being successful at dating.

If you can bring to the situation positivity, kindness and a genuine interest – you will go far.  Nothing is unreachable, and nobody out of your league.